Chance — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Pets for Patriots
Location: Kalispell, Montana

My rescue dog Chance is a true hero. He’s the most loving, loyal dog and his loyalty to me ultimately saved my life. While working on painting the exterior of a family cabin deep in the woods of N.W. Montana; something was lerking behind me. I had been outside painting all morning. I had the dogs and my daughter inside and periodically would come in and check on them. As I was heading back outside to work, thankfully the door behind me never fully latched close. With only a paint brush in hand I walked down the stairs from the deck. I reached the bottom and began walking on the path, back to where I was painting. In, what seemed to be slow motion, I looked up to see Chance had slipped through the door. Our eyes met, and he immediately stared barking and running as fast as he could down the stairs. I was shocked to see him that aggressive. Little did I know, a mountain lion had been staking me that morning. And was crouching down about 10 feet behind me. I have never felt so helpless standing there, with only my paint brush in hand, looking straight in the face of such a powerful animal. I will never forget it’s round, beautiful face. Chance ran straight at him almost grabbing his tail. The lion was taking huge leaps to get away. Chance chased him off deep into the woods and came right back to me. Guarding me, with his unbreakable loyalty. A true hero! And isn’t ironic that he was dumped in the shelter because he was “too big”. Well his size and loyalty certainly saved me!