Charlie Brown — Therapy

Charity Partner: PAWS for People
Location: Miami, Florida

Charlie Brown is a born Therapy Dog. Wonderful temperament, great smile and sweet disposition make him a blessing to those he meets. Even though we have less than a year working as a Pet Therapy Team, Charlie has brought so much joy. We visit three hospitals, adult patients, children and nurses meet Charlie every week. We visit also two nursing homes and two libraries. We even went to visit the first responders at the Florida Keys when Hurricane Irma came. The firefighters were delighted to have a little respite when they took five minutes to meet Charlie.

One of the most remarkable work for Charlie is when he goes to the library. He simply enjoys the kids and gives them such a bust in confidence that is palpable. There is a boy that was very shy the first time we met him. But he was so eager to read to Charlie. He was ashamed to read in English because he just learned but he somehow knew that Charlie did not care. So he got the book and read, and felt 10 ft tall when Charlie looked at him and smiled. So now he reads every day and waits anxiously for the Saturday that he will meet Charlie again to show him how much he has advanced. And all because Charlie is his friend and he doesn’t criticize or judge. Only sits patiently and gives courage. I am so proud of my Charlie. He has opened hearts and brings peace and joy to many. I know he does and will do great things with his kind eyes and wonderful smile. Charlie is definitely my hero.

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