Charlotte — Search and Rescue

Location: Ashland, Pennsylvania

Charlotte is a wonderful natured little dog, that was brought in this world for a purpose. She was the only survivor of her litter after a terrible situation and her mother needed to be euthanized. I got her at a mere 3 weeks old and knew that this little girl was going to make a difference in the world. She caught on quickly to the tasks presented as a search dog. She’s now been deployed on a few searches, however twice she’s gotten me extremely close to our missing persons before another team has found them. Our last search, she was headed down the alley towards then we got a call on the radio stating the police officer found him. Little Charlotte was in the right direction and only 2 blocks away! Even when she’s not search/ working, Charlotte brings much joy to all. She loves to kiss and snuggle. She has made several appearances at the local nursing home. She is also Canine Good Citizen. One day, Charlotte will make even a bigger change to someone’s life. But for now we are grateful that each person is found.

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