Charlotte — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Dogs on Deployment
Location: Grand Island, Nebraska

Charlotte is a year old American Bulldog mix that was once a rescued dog her self. Working at the Central Nebraska Humane Society, I have found she has an amazing knack for helping us socialize skiddish or fearful animals at the shelter. For having a long move from Az to Ne, she bounced back and into a working life at an incredibly young age. At our shelter, she is our ‘go to gal’ to do behavior evaluations and help advocate for shelter animals and bully breeds out in the community. For such a young dog, our community has fallen in love with her smooshy face. With her greeting each person by poking her nose over the counter and gently approaching the youngest of children, how could we not consider her our role model and hero. My original goal was to continue her training to be a Therapy Dog, however, she has already gone above and beyond with her ‘work’.

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