Cheno — Shelter

Location: Gainesville, Georgia

Cheno has been wonderful Chihuahua since day one. I was diagnosed in April 2012 with an incurable autoimmune disorder (I.T.P). Cheno is very aware of my disorder even before my husband and I even were. When I have low platelets Cheno will follow me around and sit my feet when getting ready for work. I know when to take him to work because he won’t leave my side in the morning. When I was first diagnosed and hospitalized he wouldn’t eat and stayed on the arm of my chair until I came home (even urinated on my foot when I got home). I work at a Veterinarians office and will take him with me on bad days. I have a bag I wear and he will stay inside it all day. He won’t bark or even look at other animals. He will dive bomb my port (like to tell me your ok) and when I’m accessed for days (he is aware of my port and will dive bomb my other side). All my clients ask about him when he isn’t with me. Cheno is not certified because I won’t take him into hospital or treatment. Cheno would be fine but I won’t walk on those floors barefoot why would I let him. I also don’t take anyone with me since I’ve been dealing with this for 7 years now. Don’t need to stress anyone else out with the process, let alone bring a dog walker. Cheno is there when I get home from treatments and goes to work with me. I really don’t think I would have made it these 7 years without him, Cheno is my little rock. As I’m writing this he is dive bombing my hands to play with him and relax.

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