Cherry — Service

Charity Partner: ADI
Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

I am nominating Cherry for many reasons. She gave me my life back when before I would not even leave my house. Since I have been paired with her I have a better more fufilling life. It has been almost 2 years since my last flash back or panic attack (PTSD) I am not scared anymore and I know with her I can do anything I want, A few months ago a unthinkable emergency bonded us closer. While I was driving (Cherry was with me seatbelted in the back) We were hit by a paving truck carrying a load which was 23 tons on top of the weight of the truck. The car was totaled but all Cherry worried about was keeping eye contact with me to make sure I was ok. The firefighters had to take her out of the car so they could use the machines to open my door. A lovely EMT who took care of her. Both of us were checked out medically and believe it or not all that was wrong with both of us was whiplash. ( About a week after the accident I noticed her behavior was still off. After speaking with the vet she diagnosed Cherry with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) due to the accident.This is exactlly what I suffered from. I realized that it is ironic how this happened. She was put in my life and once she helped me and now that I am better it is my turn to help her get thru her PTSD. But even with her dealing with things she still makes sure to watch and make sure Im ok daily. She is my hero she saves my life daily. She has shown me what TRUE strength is.