Chewie — Therapy

Location: Laurel, Maryland

Chewie has been doing therapy visits since he was 8 months old. He is with Fidos For Freedom and American Red Cross. With Fidos for freedom he does visits at hospitals, nursing home, autistic children,adults with mental disorders elementary schools, high schools and colleges.These visits help relieve stress. He is also involved in the DEAR reading program where young children read to him at libraries and schools. He has done many special events and demos with fidos For Freedom.
He is also involved with the American Red Cross. He does animal visitation at Walter Reed Military Hospital in Bethesda MD. Here he does visits thru out the hospitals and clinics visiting sick and wounded warriors and their families to help relieve stress and anxiety . On the same compound he visits USU which is Uniformed Services University to help relieve stress during exams.
Chewie has a very easy going and happy personality at all times. He gets along with other dogs excellently He is my third therapy dog and not saying anything bad about the other two, but I feel he is the best of the three. He was sent to me by God for this purpose I believe. In my opinion he was born for this job.
Chewie holds the AKC Therapy Dog Distinguished Award which he earned in about 3 years.