Chewy — Service

Sponsor: Lulu's Fund
Location: Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Ellie is a bright talented young woman who has struggled with mental health issues. In 2015 these were severely aggravated by a traumatic brain injury. She had a severe concussion followed by a second one a year later. With intensive speech, physical, and occupational therapy, her body and brain started healing. Her psychiatric issues continued to spiral out of control even with medications and intensive psychiatric/psychological care. She was diagnosed with PTSD and was having severe migraines, blood sugar issues (low- not eating) and low blood pressure issues. I have a service dog. I knew Ellie needed one.

Chewy came in for a first puppy exam at my clinic. He was from a rescue and looking for a home. He fit the bill E’s school was wanting (small, non shedding).

It was love at first sight when they met. Within a few months, he was naturally picking up on her migraines, waking her from nightmares. He reads her like no other. He can calm her during a panic attack when no one else can touch her. He reminds her to eat, He has changed her life.

Last fall she started working at a pharmacy as a cashier, he goes to work with her, he goes everywhere. She is 18 now and with Chewy by her side, I am seeing her confidence and joy come back. It has been a very stressful 3+ years for Ellie. Everyone who has watched her struggle always remark to me how Chewy and her are a perfect team. How much he has helped her. He has brought my daughter back.

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