Chick “the Champion” — Service

Sponsor: Lulu's Fund
Location: Cary, North Carolina

Chick is a Hero. He alerts to keep Chloe safe and performs interventions that stop her seizures. Chloe’s young life was turned upside down after a TBI from hitting her head in a pool. She persevered through therapies to re-train her brain and a year later was on the mend. Chloe then unexpectedly developed and endured over 250 seizures. We learned that people with TBI’s may develop seizures any time. Chloe was in a wheelchair to not cause additional head trauma when she fell. She couldn’t go to school and lost her friends and independence. Amazingly another service dog alerted us before a seizure. EENP wondered if other dogs could do the same. Chloe went to training and was matched with Chick. Eight months into placement Chick remains 100% accurate and alerts and stops Chloe’s seizures. She showers without supervision and swims without fear of seizures. Chick provides DPT which stops seizures by laying across Chloe’s chest and within 30 sec. she is back up again. Everyone who sees Chick in action is amazed with his goal of protecting his best friend. Watching him alert Chloe, get her safe, stand over her, lie across her stomach, and provide DPT until she opens her eyes is absolutely incredible! Chloe now sees a world full of potential. She says, “I am blessed with Chick as my angel. I work to educate the community about EENP and invisible disabilities, and raise money to help grow scholarships. I can now live my life on my own two feet thanks to Chick our American Hero Dog”!

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