Chief — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Dogs on Deployment
Location: Wildomar, California

I adopted Chief last year in October and not aware of his anxiety issues or any other issues he might have. He was returned three times by former adopters. He is the smaller of my two he has the lighter of the coat (beige & brown). Chief, met Samantha prior to coming home and after a week the two were probably finding their way on who is in charge. One night we came home to a bloody backyard my sons & husband distraught, the female shepherd had tip of her ear hanging..not a pretty site say the least. Boys and husband said we need to take him back. Chief was not giving a chance I guess. After the calm of the storm we all decided not to give up. A year later I worked with him running 3-8 miles and showing we cared as a family. He still has some anxiety when we leave. Daily is work in progress and slowly he is finding the confidence that we all will return. The black shepherd (Samantha) is in charge and the two are best pals running next to each other they have a bond of companionship. So easy for humans to give up and that’s is why are shelters are always full capacity and I hope someday shelters won’t exist and hotels for pets stays will dominate. As a big supporter of adopting think before you get a dog, they are like family and you don’t give up. Chief still likes to throw all the pillows on the floor if this is why he was returned ok he stays with us! He is our hero!