Chloe — Shelter

Location: Jacksonville, Arkansas

This is my dad’s dog, Chloe. She lived with my grandmother until she (my grandmother) had a fall in November of 2017. She lay on the floor for several minutes until Chloe went and notified my uncle that something was wrong. My grandmother, unfortunately, died from her injuries a few days later. Chloe then came to live with my parents. My dad has never been a “pet person” but it didn’t take long before he and Chloe bonded. She goes everywhere my dad goes (she even sits in his lap on the riding lawn mower when he mows the yard). Chloe helped my dad out of a deep depression because she just has this amazing connection with humans and their emotions. She is such an amazing pup and by her coming to live with our family she has made us all better people. We thought we were helping her but she actually helped us.

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