CHLOE BORDEAUX — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Pilots N Paws
Location: Sherman Oaks, California

CHLOE is a 14 year Deaf Supermodel who is an avid advocate for Blind Dogs. For the past 5 years, she has toured throughout the US and Canada with her late blind brother Muffin and newly adopted blind brother Prince (who was once homeless) bringing forth awareness and aid to blind dogs by providing them with Muffin’s Halos (a device that acts as a bumper that safeguards blind dogs from bumping into hard surfaces) so they can navigate with protection.

Many blind dogs are dumped at shelters and are at the top of “To Kill List.” CHLOE has saved so many blind dogs from being euthanized by networking them, getting them halos and many adopted via being a Supermodel Spokesdog for non-profit organization, Second Chances For Blind Dogs. She works closely with many dog rescues around the world providing halos for their blind dogs to help them get adopted and adjust quickly in any new surroundings.

Her advocacy and philaphilanthropic life altering work for blind dogs with her brothers has been featured on many major news outlets.
CHLOE a senior gal herself, has helped many senior citizens financially challenged on fixed low incomes get halos for their beloved aging blind dogs so they can stay together.

Chloe also known as the “kissing bandit” greets all her many followers and admirers with tons of kisses and is the sunshine in her Mom Silvie’s life.

Chloe’s dream in her last chapter of life is to win a Hero Dog Award in honor of her late blind brother, toy poodle Muffin whose life story changed the lives of over 15,000 blind dogs worldwide.