Clay — Shelter

Location: Clementon, New Jersey

After the loss of our 12-year-old Boxer, Bailey, my husband and I disagreed on getting a new dog. I saw a Boxer mix at a local shelter who I knew could help us through our grief. I fell in love with Clay as soon as I saw him on our shelter’s Facebook page. I had tried to give Michael time to grieve but I knew Clay was the dog for us, so I told him he’d have to grieve with a new dog in the house. Michael knew that it was pointless arguing – I WAS getting this dog!
Clay instantly became my husband’s constant companion. Michael was a Vietnam era Marine veteran and he had tension/anxiety issues, but with Clay laying with him all day, loving him, it was impossible for him to feel anything but calm, relaxed and needed.
I lost my husband in February of this year to cancer, two years after adopting Clay. Michael became sick very quickly, and Clay became his caretaker. Toward the end, my husband couldn’t move too well and was in a lot of pain. Clay jumped up whenever he saw my husband struggling to do anything, almost as if he thought he was helping.
Since my husband’s death, Clay has switched his role to watching over me. Clay seemed to sense my grief and provided comfort and love to me when I needed it the most. After devoting years to my husband, Clay now stays by my side at all times, and knows that I need him to help me heal. His devotion and love have helped me through my tremendous loss.

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