Clyde — Shelter

Location: Chandler, Arizona

Clyde came to the rescue as a tiny puppy that had been dumped in a box left to die on a trail in Flagstaff AZ. The rescue found him and his siblings at 3 weeks and nursed them back to health. Clyde was falling behind the other pups and was diagnosed with CH – Cerebellar Hypoplasia, also known as wobbly syndrome. It is a neurological condition where the cerebellum in the brain is underdeveloped. It is similar to Cerebral Palsy in humans. This causes Clyde to wobble when he walks, his balance is off and he is vision impaired. This does Not Stop him from walking, running and wanting to be around other dogs. He overcomes his obstacles as much as he can each day. He is Inspiring People Around the World!! He shows us All how to keep going, when you fall down, you get back up, keep going. You can’t sit in regret. He Matters, You Matter. There are NO LIMITS in life. He was born this Way and does Not let it affect him. He receives countless messages from all over of people who suffer from anxiety, depression, surgery, CP and Autism. they are Motivated by Clyde.. This is HIS Purpose!!

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