Cocoa Puff — Shelter

Location: Oceanside, California

Cared for by 2nd Chance Dog Rescue in San Diego (2nd Chance), Cocoa Puff (Cocoa), a 9-lb Pomeranian, was adopted in Aug. 2019 by myself, Rita Spiegel. Seeing her photo, I submitted an application immediately, not noticing she had one eye.

Arriving at the foster home, I was told she had lost her eye when she was a stray puppy. Prior to coming to 2nd Chance, Cocoa was turned into the San Diego Humane Society (SDHS) as a stray puppy with a badly wounded eye, which couldn’t be saved. When healed, she adopted out. Sadly, she was returned to SDHS with a broken elbow.

Cocoa was then transferred to 2nd Chance where she recovered and put up for adoption again at 18-months.

That’s when I found her and fell in love. She’s a resilient little girl. A very happy dog. Having limited vision doesn’t stop her, neither does having a limp from her leg. She runs and plays like any dog.

To share her story, I created an Instagram and TikTok account for her. Cocoa Puff‘s an inspiration to children throughout the USA and other countries. She’s about overcoming her past to have happy life. She receives comments from children, saying they were sad, until they saw her videos. Several have created duets, doing videos alongside Cocoa.

Cocoa’s motto is “Sharing smiles worldwide.” I’m grateful and blessed to have her in my life. I’m honored to be her pawrent 🐾🐶🤎