Coffee — Military

Charity Partner: SD Gunner Fund
Location: Waynesville, Missouri

MWD (Retired) Coffee is a working dog that projected a warmth that provide comfort to those she was tasked with protecting and supporting. If there is one word that could be chosen to describe Coffee it is “Love.” Coffee was paired with her forever handler and entered into training in April of 2006. From the start of her training there was no question that Coffee was stubborn, but she was also affectionate and possessed a passion to please. In 2007, Coffee conducted her first of three, 12 month deployments to Afghanistan. Coffee’s first deployment pitted her desire to protect and please against the harsh and unforgiving realities of a combat environment. Regardless of her uncertainties and the unfriendliness of the environment, Coffee never wavered. She consistently and willingly placed herself between those she was tasked to protect and the hazards she was trained to find. She served as an explosive working dog for just shy of 10 years in the Army. She supported a countless number of missions during her 36 months deployed to Afghanistan as well as a multitude of explosive sweeps for local authorities, community events, VIPs, dignitaries, and the Secret Service. Regardless of the work Coffee carried a smile with her and was always ready to lend some love and affection to anyone that was near. No matter how long or hard the mission she just ended, she waited, ready and willing to play and lend her affection to anyone needing a moment of friendship and support.