Comet — Service

Location: Toledo, Ohio

Comet is a medical alert service dog, which means he alerts me to different medical events, before they happen, so I can get to a safe place. Comet is trained to do low blood sugar alert, as well as heart rate alerts (both low and high).

One day, when Comet was still in training, we were walking home after work. He alerted to a low blood sugar, and I ignored it since I felt fine. Usally I get sick as my sugar drops, so in thought he was just trying to get extra treats (an issue were had been having for a few weeks, at that point). He alerted a few more times, but I still felt fine, so I ignored those alerts. About half a block later, he started alerting again, and even went as far as to jump up on me, and try to get me on the ground. I finally listened. I sat down, pulled out my monitor to check my sugar, and sure enough my sugar was at a very critical low. A few more seconds of ignoring his alert and I would have passed out on the side of a busy road, risking hitting my head on the concrete, going into a coma from my blood sugar, or even possibly falling into the road and being hit.

Comet laid across my legs, and refused to let me stand up off that sidewalk until my blood sugar was back in a safe range. I truly believe he may have saved my life that day, and I have been eternally grateful since then. I have learned to always listen to his alerts, even if I don’t feel sick. Number one lesson I have learned is to always trust him, because he was trained for a reason.