Cookie — Shelter

Location: Copperas Cove, Texas

This is Cookie. She is a Mountain Cur mix, we think. She is two years old, we think. Sadly, we don’t have exact answers to these questions because Cookie was abandoned in a kennel on the front steps of a kill shelter, and they referred to her as “Dog” or “#9”. While there, she slept on a fenced- in concrete slab, which destroyed her paws, with a few feet of coverage to get out of the rain and cold. She was there for three months before my husband ultimately picked her out as my Christmas gift and we named her Cookie. We are not sure how much longer she would have lived at the shelter. We are not sure what happened to her prior to blessing our lives, but based on her body and behavior, we believe that she was a breeding dog. Cookie was locked in a kennel most of the time, and was forced to bear puppies over and over again to make her owners money. Her initial attitude towards toys and food leads us to believe that she was physically abused at some point. She had severe anxiety and depression when we got her, and though her depression is gone, she still suffers from a level of anxiety that is improving every day. Cookie has helped to reduce my husband’s anger significantly. She has allowed me to connect with her because I have severe anxiety so we understand each other on a deeper level. She has brought so much healing to our lives, yet has endured so much. She is our hero. Her courage and will surprises and inspires us every day and she deserves this award.

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