Cricket — Shelter

Location: New River, Arizona

This is Cricket. She is a 5 year old Chihuahua with Short Spine Syndrome. She was picked up as a stray on the streets in Phoenix Arizona. Rusty’s Angels Sanctuary rescued her shortly after she came off her stray hold. Once at Rusty’s Angels, founding President Emilee Spear adopted her. Rusty’s Angels Sanctuary rescues senior dogs over the age of 10 years. Many come to us with little time left and we provide unconditional love until their time comes to cross over. As you can imagine we deal with a lot of loss. Cricket has brought a whole new perspective and joy to the Sanctuary. With her upbeat personality and joyful spirit she brings smiles to everyone that meets her and has been an integral part of the healing process for all of our staff and volunteers when we do lose one of our dogs. She also has an uncanny way of making friends with every dog she meets and it’s almost as if she makes our seniors dogs feel young again. We truly believe she was sent to us with this purpose and she has now become the ambassador for love at Rusty’s Angels. She helps us educate the public on senior and special needs dogs and how they deserve just as much love as the puppies and healthy dogs. She draws a crowd everywhere she goes. But literally her most amazing talent is the happiness she displays and then in turn brings to everyone she meets. She doesn’t know she’s different and that is what makes her so special. She is truly changing lives one human and one canine at a time.

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