Cubacca — Shelter

Location: Haymarket, Virginia

Cubacca is a hero because he saves the lives of other dogs by being a volunteer canine blood donor. Blood donation is one of Cubacca’s favorite activities. When we go see our friends with the Blue Ridge Veterinary Blood Bank, Cubacca gets so excited that he can barely contain it. He loves getting peanut butter and snuggles while he donates. Cubacca has been donating for over three years and donates a pint of blood about every 6 weeks. Each donation saves two to four dog lives. So far Cubacca has donated over a gallon of blood. We hope that he will be able to save many more dogs before he retires from the program. Cubacca is our first dog. He was younger than what we were looking for when we adopted him, but he turned out to be the perfect dog for us. He had been given up by his previous family because he had gotten too big (80 pounds), but we wanted a big dog. He’s a very unique looking dog (and much bigger than people think from his picture), with a great easygoing personality. He has the best happy-go-lucky personality, and loves everything, even going to the vet! The vet is his second favorite place to go, after blood donation.