Dachshund Dobby 3Paws — Shelter

Location: Harrison, New Jersey

Dobby was just a puppy with a severe case of demodex mange, bad ear infections, and couldn’t walk because someone cut his right leg off. They threw him in a garbage bag into a box. They dropped the box off at night at Athens Georgia Animal and took off. Poor Dobby was left there over night until an Animal Control Officer arrived there the next morning. The shelter called Circle of Friends Animal Society to see if they could take him. They then posted him all over social media looking for financial help with his veterinarian care. I (his Mom) saw the post, shared the post, donated and then decided to submit an application. Lucky me they picked me. December 6, 2015 they drove him from Georgia all the way to New Jersey. I decided to create a Facebook page for him, in hopes we could catch his abusers. We still haven’t be able to catch them but we showed everyone that a disabled dog isn’t suffering and they can live a happy life. We have opened a huge door for disabled dogs to get adopted. People see how happy Dobby is, how he runs, plays, goes up and down ramps. Nothing stops him! We saved so many disabled dogs from getting out down, it such a great feeling words can’t express. Dobby most definitely deserves the Hero Rescue Dog Reward!!

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