Dagger DogVinci — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Pets for Patriots
Location: Massapequa, New York

My name is Yvonne Dagger. I would like to nominate my dog, Dagger DogVinci, for the Hero Dog Awards under the “Emerging Hero” Category. I feel that Dagger DogVinci deserves this title because he has proven over the past year that he is an exceptional little four-legged canine artist who has painted over 200 works of art. Dagger’s paintings have brought happiness and joy to people all over the world. People who have lost a pet or just needed some “sunshine” in their lives have shared their stories of how through Dagger DogVinci’s works of art he has helped them through the darkest of days. In the attached photo, Dagger DogVinci is sitting with two of his paintings wearing his signature red beret. In addition to Dagger’s painting talent, he is a certified therapy dog for Therapy Dogs International. As his facilitator, he & I go to nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, libraries and schools bringing comfort, love & hope to everyone he meets. For the above reasons and many more, I feel that Dagger DogVinci is very well deserving of this prestigious title. Therefore, as his owner, I nominate him for this honor. Thank you for considering Dagger DogVinci for the America Hero Dog in the “Emerging Hero” Category.