Daisy — Shelter

Location: Billings, Montana

Daisy is a quiet, caring, dainty, little lady. When small kids are around, she lies down next to them, waiting quietly for them to approach her so she doesn’t scare them.
I live next to two elderly sisters. One summer, both ladies fell which put them in the hospital/nursing home to recover. The oldest sister would call me several times a week to see if I would bring Daisy to the nursing home. The younger sister had trouble adjusting to her surroundings. Daisy’s presence seemed to help when the sister was incoherent. Daisy snuggled next to her and she ALWAYS knew it was Daisy and it would bring her back to reality.
Once they both were released to go home, Daisy would make weekly visits. Daisy was very protective of these two ladies. If a strange person/new caretaker came into their yard I was notified by Daisy and we had to go over to see that they were alright.
The youngest sister died a few years ago. Daisy stayed right by her side during those last few weeks. The older sister, even cancelled one of the caretakers because Daisy didn’t like her. The oldest sister thought the person was being too rough with her sister and Daisy sensed it.
The oldest sister is 94 years old and still lives alone. She has caretakers twice a week. Her best caretaker is Daisy. Daisy just seems to know that she needs her. “DOGS KNOW!”
AH/Hallmark Employee