Daisy — Shelter

Location: Grand Junction, Colorado

Daisy is a great dog and we look out for each other. I rescued a dog named Daisy. She is a Beagle Red Heeler. She was about 6 months when we got her. She was a stray at first then she went to Roice Hurst animal shelter. When we got her on Aug-1-2013 she had some seizures and we found out she was lacking salmon oil in her diet. Sense we have been feeding her food with salmon oil she hasn’t had seizures sense. Her nickname is vampire dog because when she smiles it kinda looks like a vampire. She Love going for her walks everyday and she Loves to play with me. Even though she is a big dog she Loves being my lap dog and she also Loves cuddling. I Love her so much. She is such a great beautiful sweet girl. I Love her big brown eyes. She is a therapy dog and my ESA.

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