Dakota — Shelter

Location: Dripping Springs, Texas

I went threw a eating disorder around August of 2018. I was hospitalized, during that time I had insomnia as well severe depression and anxiety. Dakota, would come to the hospital with my dad, and lay next to me on my hospital bed to help my anxiety not be as hard. As well, seeing him made me smile so so bright. Dakota made me not feel alone when I was in the hospital. As well having a IG Tube, in at one point during my hospitalization I remember me crying and he came right by my side. Which Dakota cuddled me and gave me kisses to help relive the stress, fear as well the anxiety. Once I was discharged, I began the next steps of my recovery. Which if I went into public to eat out, Dakota would be with me and lay right next to me under the table, and if I got anxious he places his paw on my foot, to let me know he’s there for me. Dakota has helped recover from this disorder in so many way.

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