Dayzee — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Pets for Patriots
Location: Norfolk, Virginia

Although Dayzee may not earn the title of American Dog Hero to the rest of the world – she will always be my hero.

I thought I was rescuing an older dog from the VBSPCA – in turn she rescued me. Dayzee helps me with waking me and my partner during my nightmares. She snuggles even closer to me when she notices I am having an anxiety attack, if I am not feeling like myself because of my PTSD or she just simply wants to be as close as she can get to me.

As a veteran I am very thankful to Pets for Patriots and Dogs on Deployment for being there for both me and Dayzee in our time of need. Our car rides are the best – we hang our heads out the window and off we go listening to music on our way to McDonalds – 1 of her favorite treat spots – or mine – haven’t figured that one out yet. We love longs walks and even though she is very dog aggressive and people aggressive and as embarrassing as it is that she is that way, I still love her. No one is perfect, myself included and since I view myself with my issues, Dayzee has hers as well and like she accepted me, I accepted her with her issues. But the life we live together fits us both.