Deacon — Therapy

Charity Partner: Therapy Animal Coalition
Location: Keystone Heights, Florida

He was everything I didn’t know I needed. An Australian Shepherd, Deacon had been shuffled through 5 different homes, two of them rescue groups, before I adopted him at a year old. He would chase the cats and herd the children. He just needed someone to understand him and give him a job. So, he came home with me and started his training to become a therapy dog. After 6 months of working with him, we tested and became registered with Alliance of Therapy Dogs. That was two years ago, and he loves his job! We visit 6 area nursing homes to see the elderly, the library to read with the children, our county’s elementary schools for Humane Education programs, and he was even the first canine invited into the Clay County Courthouse! He was there to help lick away the tears of a young lady that was testifying in court. He was a hero that day in her eyes and in the eyes of her family. And he’s a hero to ME everyday with the resilience of spirit he has shown. He greets each person he visits as if they are a long lost friend. Therapy work is DEFINITELY a job he excels in. He loves to share smiles and joy with all he comes in contact with. He is currently in training to work in the crisis response field and we’re looking to add that certification to our resume later this year. Deacon is blazing the trail for therapy dogs in our community and showing that with a little love and understanding, you can soar to new heights and overcome past disappointments! #DeaconTheTherapyDog

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