Denali — Shelter

Location: Sacramento, California

I would like to tell you about Denali, our Siberian Husky that has touched the lives of so many. His ability to overcome adversity and his gentle nature has made him the Hero Dog for so many. As such, I ask you to consider him as the 2020 American Humane Hero Shelter Dog.

Denali’s story starts as a puppy. When he was born, his umbilical cord wrapped around his right hind leg. His breeder did not want to keep the disabled dog and therefore left him at the office of his veterinarian. At a mere two weeks of age, his hind leg was amputated. He lived at the hospital, looking for a permanent home. Denali came to live with us as foster parents through the Siberian Husky Rescue and Referral of California.

People fearful of dogs felt he was approachable. Elderly members of our community came to tell us watching a 3-legged dog walk encouraged them to become active despite their physical limitations. Strangers would pull their vehicles over to say hello to the dog that always was eager to seek attention from anyone. Denali has joined me at my office where I work with individuals recovering from eating disorders and major traumatic events. He is not a registered therapy dog, yet he knows what they need. The majority of my clients now request he is present to offer emotional support during our appointments. I never had imagined he could be so beneficial for so many. It is for this reason, I ask you to consider Denali to be considered the 2020 Animal Humane Hero Shelter Dog.