Desi — Service

Sponsor: Lulu's Fund
Location: Hummelstown, Pennsylvania

Desi my service dog is an angel in disguise. You see I have MS (multiple sclerosis). This disease is frustrating, heartbreaking, exhausting, scary, and can sometimes suck your confidence and the life right out of you. It NEVER hits two people in the same way, symptoms vary along with the disabilities it can leave you with. Some patients can be extremely disabled from it, while others, like myself can look fine on the outside but fight a secret battle on the inside that others never know anything about.

Desi is one of the blessings that gives me the courage, along with my support system to keep me fighting. I love to be around people and animals but I suffer from MS fatigue, and balance loss. That leaves you fearful to go out in public never knowing when you may suddenly take a public nose dive or get so tired you just cannot take another step. Desi can read me like a book and does not need to say a word. With her looks or her stepping in front of me so I do not take a nose dive down the stairs has given me the confidence to step out in public, face life, and truly live to be the person I want to be. Desi is a rescue that came from horrible, unimaginable circumstances. We made a connection from the start. I would love Desi to win the service dog award not for the honor and the publicity, but to thank her for her wonderful gift she gives me daily. She has shown me that yes I have MS, but with her help MS will never have me! Please vote for a wonderful service dog, thank you!

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