Desi — Therapy

Charity Partner: Hand in Paw
Location: HUMMELSTOWN, Pennsylvania

This is a legacy of two corgis. In the picture I sent when looking at the picture Roxie is on the left and Desi is on the right. Sadly we lost Roxie on 11-1-17 to a brain tumor. Desi is honorably carrying on Roxie’s legacy thru therapy and working in hospice visits. Desi came to us as a rescue in 2015. She was 2.5 years old and had come from an abusive situation in a junk yard from down south. Roxie was 6 years old at the time. After working out some issues with Desi, I could see despite both being females, they were sisters, a team. So as a team we started visiting hospice patients in Harrisburg PA. They did well and brought great joy and smiles to otherwise dismal situations. From there I started training them for therapy dogs. I found Kpets and immediately liked what they stood for so I went to an orientation and met Karen the owner. At the time a three team unit (two dogs/One handler) was not heard of. Karen did not turn me away and after much conversation and persistence we got approved as a three team unit on 4-11-16. As a team Roxie and Desi brought love, happiness and smiles to children, adults, and the elderly. When we lost our sweet Roxie we were devasted beyond words for Roxie and Desi both taught us that no matter what life throws at you, you just bite the bone and keep going. Although it has been tough Desi and I continue therapy and hospice visits to bring joy and happiness to all we can, knowing our beloved Roxie is with us. Desi is a special therapy dog.

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