Dexter — Shelter

Location: Knoxville, Tennessee

Dexter, a blind, deaf, golden retriever was rescued from a local shelter (Shortly after the shelter was investigated and their director was arrested and charged with animal cruelty). Due to his age and disability, I thought he’d be a hospice situation when I began fostering him. Boy was I wrong! This dog is so full of life and is the definition of resilience! I have a 4 year old daughter who he plays “princess tea party” with (you should see the videos!) In the attached picture, he was trick or treating with us and might have been more popular to the neighborhood kids then the candy. Dex has become an advocate for the benefits of adopting senior and disabled dogs for our rescue! Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly be more amazed, I brought a 6 week old foster puppy home who was rejected by her mother. Dex snuggled, cleaned her, and even let her dry nurse on him!(Another video you should see)! In my years of rescue, I’ve seen NOTHING like it! I had a few people contact me after seeing Dexter’s videos playing with children to say they knew a child that was scared of dogs, could they meet him? Dex was perfect, patient, gentle, wise. And please remember, he is blind and deaf! He has inspired me to get us certified so he can be a therapy dog. My goal for our future is to go to local preschools to educate children on how to interact with dogs safely and about being different or disabled. Dex will just enjoy playing with dolls, being read to, and dress up! He is one of a kind.

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