Diana — Shelter

Location: Astoria, New York

Diana was found on the side of a rural road in Oklahoma with a broken back. Her spine was in a 45 degree angle, someone broke her back & then decided to discard of her in a place with minimal chances to survive. Luckily Friends With Four Paws, a 501c3 rescue organization, found her & cared for her. It was too late to give her surgery but they gave her a foster home, veterinary needs, a wheelchair & love. In July ‘19 she arrived in NYC &, originally as a foster, in our family. Diana is full of live, love and spunk. Wherever she goes she makes people smile and inspires them. After a few months in our foster care it became clear: she belongs, so we adopted her. Diana inspired me & the rescue to implement a special needs program: we focus on rescuing special needs dog & created a network of people to care for those specially abled dogs. She inspired uplifting art & street art that is/was on display all over NYC and Art Basel Miami. Thanks to Diana we found homes for special needs dogs & have created a network of fosters that are there to provide those shelter dogs who need a bit more help a home in between homes. Wherever we go, a sea of “Oh” & “Ah” is surrounding us. Thanks to Diana we have a dialogue with so many strangers to open their heart to the ones that seem to be forgotten. She helped special needs shelter dogs to be alive, makes people smile and she made me a better human being. She is a true shelter dog warrior and, true to her name, our warrior princess Diana!