Diesel — Shelter

Location: Bemidji, Minnesota

We rescued Diesel from a lady who no longer wanted him. He was being abused to the point where nobody was taking care of him. He was left in the pen all day as a pup with his own urine and poop. They wouldn’t let him out to run or even change the pen.
Diesel is 2 years and 3 months old, he’s a smart dog who likes to play with other dogs, balls and even his bones. He’s a very comical puppy and is a very happy one since he has been with us.

I nominated Diesel because he’s a protector of me. I have RSD and MS and he’s a great protector for me. He won’t let anyone come near me I can’t even kiss my husband or get a hug from him lol.

Diesel has come a long way, at first he was a little stinker to becoming a very wonderful dog. We all love Diesel so very much and he knows it and in return he gives us his love back.
Diesel even gave our Ginger a feeling of being young again by being by her side and played with her until she passed away last year.

In my heart Diesel will always be my hero