Diesel — Service

Charity Partner: Semper K9 Assistance Dogs
Location: Fredericksburg, Virginia

Diesel was born to serve in the line of duty on the police force. However, as he grew and progressed in training, his trainer noticed that there was not an aggressive bone in his body. Not wanting to waste his training or intelligence, his trainer and organization donated Diesel to Semper K9 Assistance Dogs. Within a few days after the donation ceremony, Diesel was introduced to a Marine veteran in desperate need of a “battle buddy”. Diesel, quickly, went home with the family on a trial basis. A bond was formed almost immediately, not just with the veteran, but also with his wife and children. Within 2 months of working with Diesel, noticing that his veteran suffered from combat and mobility disabilities, he helped his veteran cope and adapt to his new lifestyle. That trial placement soon leads to a permanent “battle buddy” and the title Service Dog (photo submitted is from his graduation ceremony). Performing multiple tasks for his veteran/handler allowing him to once again be a part of society and live a fulfilling life with his wife and children for the first time in years.