Dixie The Praying Dog — Therapy

Location: Camby, Indiana

Dixie is a 3 yr old Bluetick Coonhound. Dixie is a therapy dog, deer recovery dog , and shed antler dog. I’ve trained Dixie to pray and and she’ll bark out “Thank You Veterans “ when I salute her. Dixie escorts veterans through airports for their departures and arrivals and at special veterans homecoming events. She walks in parades with veterans organizations and helps raise money for veterans organizations by attending fundraisers. She poses in her prayer position for every veteran we meet and and then thanks them for their service. She attends special camps with veterans who have ptsd where she interacts with the veterans and helps them temporarily forget about their problems. Dixie also attends funerals where she brings comfort to grieving family members and friends. Dixie attends kids camps, visits nursing homes, and helps raise money for a local children’s hospital. She will go up to everyone she sees in a wheelchair to greet them and give out kisses. We also travel around to hunter education classes where we stress the importance of hunter/firearm safety and promote conservation. Dixie and I travel somewhere every week doing therapy dog events or giving seminars at Hunting expos. I’ve had many people tell me that Dixie is a walking four legged ministry . I’ve also had military personnel say that they consider her a member of their military family. She is a very special dog that you can learn more about on her social media sites at Dixie The Praying Dog.

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