Dixie — Shelter

Location: Colonie, New York

Dixie was adopted at 8 weeks old from a rescue group called “Out of the Pits.” She’s is pitbull/French bulldog/bug mix. At 3 months old the poor pup almost died. She had swelled a piece of a toy and I was not aware. She was getting sick on and off for a few weeks. X ray didn’t show a blockage in her intestines. She had emergency surgery but the vet didn’t expect her to live 24 hours. Dixie’s a toughie. She survived. A miracle. I spent over $3K to save her; little did I know she would pay back that favor 6 years later. In 2017 I was going through financial hardship with the loss of losing a job. Fighting to keep my home. Two years of fighting got my home and I was defeated by the bank. In 2019 the house was foreclosed. The sheriff came to evict my daughter and i bodily. I was at work and my daughter was at her class. We both received calls that we had to come and get the dog. The dog warden had tried to take the dog so the sheriff and eviction movers could enter the home. Dixie wouldn’t allow them to take her. So had Dixie not guarded the house snd our belongings we would have lost everything. We were able to be evicted taking as much as we could ftom 18 years of living in the house. If it wasn’t for Dixie we would have not only been homeless but had no clothes and no photos and a few valuable items. It’s weird how life works. Our miracle dog. We love her. Everybody who meets her loves her to death. May we have her another 8 to 10 years.