Dolly — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Pilots N Paws
Location: Gladstone, Missouri

Back in 2014 my older sister passed away suddenly in a motorcycle accident. I was in such a dark place after my sisters tragic death that I knew I needed something to help me cope. Going to drs and therapist nothing was helping. I found a man who had dolly as a puppy, and I proceed to get her, I had not had a dog since I was 8. I was 24 at the time and living with my dad who was sick with cancer. My dad did not want me to get a dog but I ended up getting her anyway. Dolly without even knowing it gave me a purpose to live again. Without any special training without any guidance she was just there. Dolly picked up on my dads cancer as well and would sit at his feet and provide him comfort. Dolly has been a true hero to me, because of her I finished nursing school and am now a nurse working my dream job. Dolly gave me purpose again in my life. She continues to provide me purpose and strength in my life everyday. Because of dolly I have been able to go on and touch others lives. Without the actual title she is my hero, and my therapy and has been my light through all the darkness in the past few years. Dolly and I now visit my dad and sister who are buried next to each other and the love and hope she provides is something no one else can provide.