Domino — Therapy

Location: Manitou Springs, Colorado

Domino is a 3 year old Siberian Husky. While he doesn’t have an traumatizing back story, he does have many endearing qualities. Any dog lover who knows huskies, knows what a challenging breed they can be. They are a beautiful northern breed that is known for independence and being extremely stubborn. Domino is wonderful combination of spunk, understanding, gentle giant, and tack – that only a therapy dog at heart can possess.

It also helps that Domino is a piebald (spotted) husky. While this is an uncommon and an unusual coat pattern for huskies, it is a great ice breaker when he engages with his clients. Most often times we are asked if he is a mixed breed, and most people are amazed that he is a pure breed Siberian Husky that is so very well behaved.

Domino’s most favorite part of his job are the belly rubs he receives from those he is providing support to. From children, teenagers, and the elderly, social outings, or just the dog park – he is excited to meet new people everyday.

Domino deserves to be the American Hero Dog because he gives love and comfort to those who need it most. He is an inspiration to all who meet him.