Double Trouble — Shelter

Location: Bartlett, Illinois

On a cold winter day in February we fostered three Chihuahua/ Italian Greyhound mixes that were given up by their family. Not knowing these dogs have never seen outside, we brought them out to urinate .. one of the three escaped! We live in Chicago where the weather is very cold and these dogs were raised in an apartment type setting and had never been allowed to go outside to go to the bathroom which we were never told. After searching for double trouble for days, putting up posters reaching out to people those days turned into weeks and we sadly came to the realization that this dog was gone and our chance to make her life better was failed. Miraculously a neighbor was out walking her dog when she came across Double Trouble emaciated and on her last legs. We brought her to the vet had her checked out nursed her back to her health and at that point decided we had to keep her as our own as she was definitely a,mirical! Double Trouble survived a Chicago winter from February 2nd till February 23rd, we live in an area where there are coyotes, large birds that prey on smaller animals and two very major highways, which is why we call her our miracle and our hero Survivor dog!! She has brought us so many years of happiness I would love to have her recognized for her courage and her will to survive, the day I brought her home she peaked between the cage at me and the rear view mirror of the car and I knew there was something special about her!

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