Dr Tink — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Freeway's Greyt Escape
Location: Orlando, Florida

12 June 2016, a day no one will forget. It was a tragic day, a day of sorrow. Friendship betrayed, old friends reunited, and new friends forged. A day which people met the first Disaster Dog on scene, Dr Tink helping families when they entered the hospital; smiles, licks, and hearts lifted. When there is tragedy, there is a rainbow shining down on us, that rainbow is Dr Tink.

Dr Tink was training in Search and Rescue outside MacDill Air Force Base at 0400. I get the call at 0600, there has been a disaster in Orlando. I respond “If that disaster is the Earth catching on fire, I cannot make it. I need to train my TBI Service Dog, Tink in SAR”. Responder stated “A Major Disaster happened in Orlando”. I replied sarcastically “If that ‘Major Disaster’ is the Earth blowing up I still cannot make it!” Then it happened “There was a nightclub shooting…” I responded with heart stopped. “When and where?” I gathered up all SAR training gear. We started the long drive back to Orlando at 0700. When driving into Orlando, being a mobile disaster unit; we were figuring the best place to set up for Disaster K-9 Counseling. Looking at the hospital; I found the right spot, out front to help counsel family and friends entering the hospital. We helped hundreds that one day, Dr Tink was the first one on scene. https://youtu.be/Friid2XFvDo

Through tragedy, came breakthrough. Modified First Aid Tents & 501c(3).
Savin’ Lives / Changin’ Lives