Dublin — Therapy

Location: Middletown, Pennsylvania

Dublin, Border Collie mix, was surrendered in April 2013 to an animal shelter as “unwanted” & ended up on their “euthanize” list. A rescue saved him & kept him for 10 months. In March 2014 I adopted Dublin. Dublin became a Caring Hearts Pet Therapy dog in February 2015 & he has completed 294 pet therapy visits to locations including: nursing homes, hospitals, schools, libraries, summer camps, youth centers, Ronald McDonald House. In 2017, Dublin became a Courtroom Therapy Dog with the Dauphin County Courthouse in Harrisburg, PA, visiting the courthouse to provide comfort to victims/witnesses of crime. Dublin seems to instinctively know when someone needs a “hug”. Dublin has finally found his mission in life. From being on the “euthanize” list at a shelter to becoming a wonderful therapy dog who shares his compassion for others to those in need. I will always remember what a young girl whispered to Dublin during a visit to a residential youth center. I told her Dublin was dropped off to a shelter by his family who no longer wanted him & that I adopted him. Dublin realized she really needed one of his gentle “hugs” & he quietly went over to her. While hugging, she whispered to him “nobody wants me either and I have not been hugged in a long time”. Such a precious, intimate moment between a young girl & a dog. Still brings tears to my eyes. The positive impact Dublin, as well as ALL therapy dogs, can have on those they visit is what being a “hero” is all about.

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