Duke — Law Enforcement / Arson

Location: Menlo Park, California

Duke is a 4-year-old European Doberman Pinscher. Duke is a single purpose narcotics detection K9 for the Menlo Park Police Department in California. Duke and his handler, Detective Sergeant Ed Soares are assigned to the Special Investigation Unit (SUI). Sgt. Soares brought 8-week-old Duke into his life as a personal pet and quickly noticed that the young pup might be of service to the police department and the community. The summer of 2016 saw the beginning of Duke’s journey as a working member of the Menlo Park Police K9 force. Since his incorporation, Duke and Sgt. Soares have become quite the formidable crime fighting team. Duke’s exceptional ability to “sniff out” the most trace amounts of narcotics has resulted in numerous arrests, with hundreds of thousands of dollars seized in illegal narcotics, U.S. currency and dangerous firearms. Duke’s role as an ambassador for the Menlo Park Police Department has brought much joy to the local community. Duke and Sgt. Soares attend school functions, community events and they visit hospitals to bring comfort, joy and much needed smiles. Duke is a dedicated crime fighter and is always ready to serve but where this incredible dog shines is with children; they love him. The only thing Duke likes more than finding drugs is spending time with the kiddos. This summer Duke stars in the WWII short film Walking Point. He personifies the motto of the film and story “A Marine is Always Faithful. So is Man’s Best Friend.”

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