Duke — Service

Sponsor: Lulu's Fund
Location: Carmel, Maine

Duke has given me a life again. Before I had him, I couldn’t perform simple tasks that most people take for granted. I couldn’t take a shower without someone else in the bathroom, I couldn’t go shopping and walk down an isle alone. Now that I have Duke, I can be alone without the fear of serious injury. He has given me back a sense of normalcy that I thought was lost forever. Before I he came into my life, I passed out and fractured a vertebrae in my neck. I was told that if I passed out again and injured my neck that there was a risk of me becoming paralyzed from the neck down. Duke now gives me the confidence to go about daily life without worry. My life is far from normal but with Duke’s constant supervision and support I am able help others by volnteering in the community and raising awareness for dysautonomia.

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