Echo — Service

Location: DENTON, Texas

My eyes gnaw on bones, they like to curl up in the corner on an overstuffed mattress, they sit on my feet while I fly in airplanes making them feel like two wooden blocks filling my shoes. Most of all though they are always by my side ever ready to give my hand a big lick and guide me wherever it is I need to go. My eyes are furry, and they have a name – Echo.

It is incredible what we take for granted in our lives, and ironically it is usually the big stuff. Not an extra cherry on your Sunday type of thing or that extra episode of your favorite show that you didn’t expect. We often overlook what means the most to us, and is always there – that is until it just isn’t anymore. Our eyes are the way that we can invisibly reach out and know the world. The lines and contours of a loved ones faces. The hues and startling vibrancy of a sunset. They give us protection allowing us to duck right at the last second as a tree branch looms towards our face. They entertain us as we walk through a museum, or sit through a movie, or as we stroll through a trail in our favorite park. They serve as the foundation for our reality – so much so that when we understand a concept we says things like, “I see what you mean”, or if we are going to miss someone we’ll say “I’ll see you later.” On the other hand if something takes you by surprise it might be said you were ‘blind’ to it. Yet, we rarely give any more thought to our eyesight than we would about taking our next breath or our next heartbeat.