Edison — Service

Location: Pound Ridge, New York

I am 26 and have Cerebral Palsy. When the time came that I decided to apply for an assistance dog, I was so ready! Fast forward 1 year of waiting he is here with me! Edison is an amazing helper! We are approaching 6 months of being matched together and our bond is building in so many ways. He is by my side every waking moment (and even when I am sleeping!!). Having him by my side is incredibly reassuring and definitely a confidence builder! Before having him the embarrassment of dropping something in public was so difficult for me to deal with, knowing that I needed to ask for help just to pick up an object as simple as a pen from the floor. Now that I have him, that embassament has halted now that he is by my side. When I drop something, I give him the command “fetch!” and he retrieves the object for me, and we are on our way again! I have a strong sense of confidence and security having him with me. Together, him and I can accomplish anything and everything I set out to do!! He is absolutely my biggest hero and we would be so honored to be chosen for this!!

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