Ellie — Shelter

Location: Fort Myers, Florida

In October 2013, Ellie was found in a field in a rural area, Clewitson/Montura, FL by a good Samaritan. They brought her to the local animal control center and the volunteers there decided she needed a chance despite her birth defect so they brought her to Gulf Coast Humane Society. Although, some people thought it was best she be euthanize, she was again given a chance by the humane society director. She was fostered by a staff member, my husband Dirk, and after several months of getting Ellie comfortable, used to life, and used to a set of wheels, he ultimately fell in love and adopted her.
Nothing slows Ellie down. She may not have fully functioning front legs but she plays with all of the dogs we own plus our doggie day care dogs, loves all people, visits the humane society who saved her (where I now work), visits special needs kids to show them they are not different, they are capable, she brings a smile to everyone who meets her. She’s a little kangaroo hoping around on her incredibility strong back legs. She has a cart made just for her but really prefers the freedom of being cartfree. She goes up stairs on her own and down a ramp. She LOVES water…bath time is playtime. Rain is also a free for all.
At 7 years old, she is still going and an inspiration to all who meet her. It is impossible to have a bad day with her around.