Ellis — Shelter

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

My name is Ellis. I was rescued out of the Friendship Animal Protection League our of OH. I was there at no fault of my own but my previous owner. I had to be surrendered. He had two other dogs. One that was surrendered and another who lost his life to animal cruelty. My sibling was adopted before me and I was stuck in this scary place at 9mos old with kennel cough, quiet, and being passed up UNTIL my mom found me, fell in love with me, and rescued me! Because of my past I don’t bark or get loud but man do I like to have fun and play with my human siblings and toys! Since being rescued I have been there for my humans with so much love and compassion, happy tail wags and kisses, through ups and downs. Right after I was rescued my human sister lost her father. I was there. My mom got married to my dad, had another baby (who is now my best friend!) my dad got a job and we moved across country, my mom had ANOTHER baby, and mom and dad bought a house! I’ve been here through it all. Highs and lows. My mom talks to me as if I can talk back. But she says I do with my eyes and my personality of ears. I get lots of cuddles now and all the treats you can imagine! Dad even gets jealous when it’s bedtime because I take up half of moms pillow and she cuddles me. The first year of my life was scary. It’s all behind us. I’m loved, fed, and happy. People say I was lucky to be rescued but my mom says…. It was I, who rescued her.