Elmer Fudd — Shelter

Location: Escondido, California

Military pet, Elmer Fudd, owned by Air Force family, is a dog who deserves the honor of being named a Hero Dog. Elmer Fudd was pulled from a rural shelter in 2017 by a rescue. He had a broken jaw, his teeth had made holes through his cheeks, his eyes were crusty and cloudy, he was heart-worm positive, and had a small caliber bullet lodged in his abdomen.

Rescuers saw to it that he received veterinary attention. They repaired his cheeks, pulled the majority of his teeth, rebuilt the roof of his mouth, saved his eye, treated him for heart-worms, but ultimately left the bullet in him as it was causing no issues.

Elmer Fudd has been through more pain and suffering than any dog deserves. Yet now he is the happiest wiener dog you will ever meet. While his looks may have been tarnished after surviving his abuse, his spirit is still strong. He has every right to hate people but has not met a stranger that he does not like. Elmer teaches all that second-hand dogs make first class pets.

Elmer Fudd recently was named the 2019 Military Pet of the Year by the non-profit, Dogs on Deployment, an organization which provides a resource network for military families for help with their pets during service commitments. As the Military Pet of the Year, and hopefully, also as the Hero Dog of the Year, Elmer Fudd and his military family hope to raise awareness for animal advocacy and pet rescue. All pets, even those with severe deformities or scars, should be given a chance at a happy life.

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