Elsa — Shelter

Location: Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

Only being together 3 years,my family thought I was silly for wanting a third dog,when my golden labradoodle was 4 and black lab was 5. I was just laying in bed one evening thinking I need a puppy in case I loose one of my dogs soon and she would get me through the heartache. Now at the age of 3 it is just her and I left. I lost my one dog then 4 months later lost the other,almost unbearable for Elsa and I but we both clung to each other to get through this unexpected void in our lives.Now 1 month 3 wks since we lost the last dog.Honestly if it wouldn’t have been for Elsa pushing me everyday to cope with the depression and responsibilities of caring for her I would have given up.I guess I should mention the fact that I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 11 years ago.Even with lots of medication,there is no such thing as a happy pill.My dogs are my heroes and always have been,and Elsa is my super hero for putting a smile on my face once again.one more thing,when grieving she knew when we went to bed at night if she heard me she would in a second get in my face lick my tears,turn around and flop against my body and I layed my arm around her and calmly fall asleep.when people say animals do not have feelings,completely not true,Elsa quit eating and still almost 2 months after her playmate past will only eat if I hand feed her and when she disappears in the house she will be found in the bedroom all curled up in the corner of the bed where her playmate slept. But we will be ok.

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