Elsa — Therapy

Location: Cicero, New York

Elsa has visited with over 5000 people at local schools,colleges, nursing homes, and hospitals. She enjoys meeting all of them, but her specialty is kids. On several visits she will find the kid that “needs” her the most. Every week we visit a school that has kids that range from 6 to 18, all of them are highly medicated and very angry ( these kids will holler, threaten, and be physical). Elsa has a “gift” with these students, she has a very calming demeanor that seems to just soothe them. We have entered the building to find one or more students having a very bad day, Elsa wanted to be with him so bad. They allowed us to go to the end of the hall so he could see her, once there she just stood looking at him, he wanted us to leave (they will not act out in front of her). Within 2 minutes he asked if he calmed down would she be able to come see him, the answer was YES. We spent 30 minutes with him, he held her and whispered in her ear, when we left he was laughing and telling her how much he loves her. Another time we met a autistic non verbal little girl. Mom told me that she had dogs at home that she wouldn’t interact with, after 5 minutes she was touching and holding Elsa. After our third encounter the little girl looked at Elsa and told (tried) to say Bye Bye to her, at this point both her parents cried, as she didn’t try to communicate with many people. Elsa has taught me so much, I am a much better person, and the lives she has changed I cannot put into words. My Hero!